About Me

Thomas Kim was born in Seoul, South Korea.  He immigrated to the United States when he was 3 years old.  Thomas grew up in the Los Angeles suburbs of Torrance, California.  It is here that he faced many trials and tribulations as an Asian American.

He adapted to the cultural and societal challenges as an Asian American.  These situations gave Thomas the strength and character to develop into a confidant man.  Through his experiences he sees the world for what it is.  It is beautiful in all of it’s glory.

Thomas went the to University of California, Berkeley.  He studied in the fine arts and performed at the local community play halls.  He developed a passion for beauty and what it stands for.

Since then he has been in the entertainment industry as both an on camera actor and off camera production member.  His passion for creating something from nothing is his driving force in life.  Whether on camera or off, Thomas simply loves what he does and enjoys living because of it.

His off camera work in production includes directing, casting, and photography.  While he excels in all aspects, he is currently focusing on mastering his craft in photography.

He never stops learning and honing his craft.  And will continue to hone his craft till he is recognized as an elite photographer.